Simply aggregated and integrated

Mecka is a single, unified SaaS solution comprised of nearly every tool auto parts retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers require to run their business.

Industry Concerns

“...eBay set-up is so much work”

Mecka allows you to streamline your operations and gives you access to ACES and PIES catalogs and updates in real-time. There’s no more need to go in manually and change things.

Industry Concerns

“...eCommerce is outrageous”

Current platforms require a lot of time and financial investment just to get set up. In contrast, with Mecka, there is no initial investment, and you and your customers get unlimited support and training. Your success is our prime directive.

The value of a symbiotic community


  • Sell through multiple eCommerce channels

    Retailers will be able to build and sell on their website, the “Mecka Shop”, and on marketplaces like eBay. The Mecka Shop offers consumers the best experience with access to real-time product data and availability. Orders automatically flow back up the supply chain, eliminating the hassle of manually checking for availability from multiple suppliers.


  • B2B

    Wholesalers sell to retailers via the Mecka B2B Portal. They can manage customer accounts, set customer price levels, manage orders, and connect to the Manufacturers brands they sell. Wholesalers can also use their Mecka Shop to showcase their products, with or without enabling B2C eCommerce capability.
  • B2B to B2C

    Through the Mecka B2B Portal, Wholesalers can feed their Authorized Retailers, realtime information related to their catalog, inventory, and pricing data. Their retailers use this data to list those products through their website, and on marketplaces like eBay®, so the consumer can find the exact product they need.
  • B2B to MFR

    Wholesalers use the Mecka B2B Portal to connect with the Manufacturers of the brands they sell. This provides a seamless and hassle-free flow of product data from the manufacturer without the need for ACES and PIES export or import processes.


  • MFR

    Mecka allows Manufacturers to create, maintain, and share their digital catalogs, in ACES and PIES format. Most importantly, they have full control of who can access their product data. Sales data from customers can be used to forecast market demand. Aggregated sales data from their customers can be used to help forecast market demand. This is in addition to providing their catalogs on their Mecka Shop and selling products in their Mecka B2B Portal.
  • MFR to B2C

    Manufacturers can connect with retailers directly or through wholesalers to securely share their catalog and inventory. They can control which retailers are authorized to sell on marketplaces like eBay. Also, they can set MAP (minimum advertised price) policies to protect their brand/s value.
  • MFR to B2B

    Manufacturers can connect with wholesalers through real-time data feeds. All data is shared securely in a digital environment without the risk of intellectual property theft.

Symbiotic Community

  • Empowered by Mecka’s innovative B2B platform, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Wholesalers can effortlessly and securely share business data, enabling them to increase sales, improve efficiency, anticipate market demands, and adapt to market changes like never before.



Standard Subscription



/month on a yearly contract

Features Included

  • We design you an eCommerce website with online catalog for the brands you sell
  • We import your supplier’s brand data, in ACES & PIES format, into your online catalog
  • We setup inventory feeds with your suppliers
  • We import or create price sheets for your website and or eBay stores
  • We automate all pricing updates
  • You can publish full brands to your website and eBay with the click of a mouse.
  • No more listing parts one by one

eBay Benefits

As an eBay Motors Partner we offer you an Anchor Store worth at $349.95/month USD.

  • This also includes the following:
    • No insertion fees (normally $0.35 per listing)
    • Free Subtitles (up to $5 per Listing)
    • Free GALLERY Plus and Picture Pack
    • Up to 2500 listings
    • Free Terapeak Marketing app to analyze product listings
    • Access to the dedicated eBay Motors help line.


Standard Subscription



/month on a yearly contract

Features Included

  • All B2C Standard features (excl. eBay Benefits)
  • A portal your customers can log into to search by vehicle or part number and see their pricing

B2B Plus Subscription

  • Additional $100/month
  • Marketplace Integration with the eBay Motors VIP program (Includes all B2C Plus eBay Benefits)


Standard Subscription



/month on a yearly contract

Features Included

  • All B2B Standard features (excl. eBay Benefits)
  • Convert your product data into the industry standard ACES & PIES format
  • Create, manage, and share your data, in ACES & PIES or various other formats
  • Connect downstream to your Distributors and or Retailers who can receive real-time data updates

MFR Plus Subscription

  • Additional $100/month includes:
  • Marketplace Integration with the eBay Motors VIP program (Includes all B2C Plus eBay Benefits)

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