Automatic success

Mecka is a cloud-based application that enables end-to-end
management of an auto parts business, irrespective of its
position within the supply chain.
Mecka is comprised of five major components:

Retailers can sell products via multiple integrated eCommerce
channels such as their “Mecka Shop” in addition to selling on
marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

Wholesalers can do the same, but in addition, they have access to a wholesale B2B portal where they can set multiple price levels which can be assigned to different groups of customers.

Manufacturers can do all of the above, and in addition, they can
create and maintain digital catalogues in the ACES and PIES
format and use business intelligence data aggregated from all of
their downline customers to anticipate market demand.

Yet the major differentiator that sets Mecka apart from other
business operating systems, ERPs, eCommerce platforms, or
single purpose solutions for the auto industry is the level
company-to-company integration.
Everything is handled via Mecka with no manual import/export or
external integration required.
And once purchases start to pour into those retailers for newly
published parts included in the new manufactures catalogue,
orders automatically flow back up the supply chain. From the
retailer to the distributor, then the manufacturer, where the
shipping labels are automagically printed, then manually stuck to
the box containing items ordered.
With Mecka, inventory status, logistic, order, and catalogue data
is seamlessly shared to companies within authorization based
supply chains in the same way it is in the real world, only with
Mecka, it is achieved digitally, at the speed of light.

Mecka is Autonomous


Seamless integration

Our philosophy​

We don’t force companies to change
the ways they do business. Instead, we
digitize and automate what they are
already doing.​

Simplicity and usability​

Mecka is designed with usability in mind.
We value fewer clicks to get tasks done so
people can get more done more quickly
and more efficiently.

Purpose built​

Born and bred for the auto parts industry
but ideal for any. Designed from the
ground up to support other industries and
their unique complexities.​

Connectivity and collaboration​

End-to-end supply chain connectivity
eliminates data exchanges and enables
a continuous flow of information as
well as viral growth of the platform.

Proper single pane
of glass.​

Mecka has everything you need to run your
business online, all in one place

Deeply integrated analytics​

Connected virtual supply chains enable
unprecedented amounts of data collection
such as product reach, customer trends
and more.



$400 per month*

Pay no insertion fees (Usually $0.35 per Listing)
Free Subtitles (Usually up to $6 per Listing)
Free GALLERY Plus and Picture Pack
Free Terapeak Marketing App for Analyzing Products on eBay
A dedicated eBay Motors help Line
A B2B portal where your customers can log in to search by
vehicle or by part number and see their customized pricing
Up to 500,000 eBay listings and $50M eBay limits

Free initial data conversion into the ACES & PIES industry standard format

The tools to create, manage, and share your data in various
formats, including ACES and PIES

Connect with your resellers, providing them with an always updated live feed of your catalogue data, inventory and pricing

*USD 400 per month


Onboarding Process



Create Mecka account and deploy
fundamental B2C, B2B, and MFG tools.
Choose OnMecka and custom web
domains, setup DNS records, etc.​



Meet to discuss design ideas and
requirements and collect existing
resources. Develop logo, sliders and
banner ads. Deploy new or updated


Integration and
data stage​

Collect existing resources, create
supply chain connections and, for
MFGs, convert data into ACES & PIES.​


eCommerce and
marketplaces stage​

Setup your Mecka Shop (B2C),
Wholesale Portal (B2B), eBay Store(s),
Marketplace settings, etc. ​



Manage employees, permissions,
Mecka Shop (B2C) settings, catalogue
updates, price sheets, customers,
marketplaces, and Analytics (BI) data.​


Carl Stolz
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“I cannot say enough about the team at Mecka, their quick grasp of a customer’s needs and swift response time, all while providing a great product at a very competitive cost.”
George Ali
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“We will continue to work with Mecka to grow our eBay offering and strongly believe that the team and the platform they have is greatly needed in the marketplace.”
Aran Kay
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“Mecka’s development plans save me time, money and finally allow us to have one source of data truth in our company”