Who are we and
how we got here

Mecka is a collection of fully integrated cloud-based tools that auto parts and services companies use to manage their businesses online. This platform has built a community that enables companies to experience unprecedented levels of collaboration, automation, and business intelligence sharing.

The Mecka team consists of auto parts industry experts. With over 78+ years of combined experience, our cloud-based platform was built by people who have experienced the inefficiencies that exist in the traditional supply chain. When conceptualizing this community, real customer benefits, the customer experience, and workflow efficiency were at the forefront of our thinking.


Transforming The Supply Chain

The auto parts industry is lead by Enterprise organizations facing the challenges of “commodity paradox”, manual processes, little to no collection of data and human inaccuracies. Mecka is an integrated solution that addresses these issues.



The Mecka team culture is one that values true benefits to our customers and the customer experience, above all else. We’ve created an environment where we are no longer selling but instead, mentoring customers to help them achieve success.

With Mecka, auto parts companies are free from traditional technological challenges enabling them to scale their business quickly and easily. Software should be easy-to-use and accessible to all. Our team genuinely cares about the sustained growth of the retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers we work with.



Sean Maisonneuve

Sean has over 20 years of experience in the auto parts industry, running high-tech auto parts companies. His main responsibilities include “Mentoring”, a combined sales and service role, along with user experience design, marketing, business planning, operations, and fundamental IT management. In 2005, Sean discovered a deficiency in business systems for the auto parts industry, which he then set out to fix.​




Robin Forest

Robin has over 20 years of experience in software development working for various large enterprise organizations, some of which include Innovapost, NAV Canada, and DND, to name a few. His general responsibilities include software architecture and development of the Mecka platform, database modeling and development, along with business planning & financial operations. Sean and Robin met in 2006.​




Bill Penton

With 35+ years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, Bill is Mecka’s CRO. Starting as an auto parts manufacturer driver in 1988 and working up to National Sales Manager, his experience gave him a vast knowledge of the industry and how comp- anies must modernize to stay competitive in today’s global market. As the first addition to the team, Bill has been a critical figure in the growth & success of the company.