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The Benefits of Moving Your Auto Parts Store Online

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Over the past few decades auto parts retailers (or resellers) have seen a tremendous shift in how consumers shop for auto parts. The industry has fundamentally welcomed digital innovation. Retailers and resellers are hungry to automate their sales capabilities and streamline their operations.


This blog will allow Team Mecka to lay out the evolution of auto parts retailers, the systems they have, and the many benefits of moving an auto parts business online.

The History of Retail Auto Parts Stores & How They Are Evolving

The industry’s evolution is closely related to the long history of auto parts retailers (or resellers). These retailers have been essential in vehicle maintenance and repair, keeping cars on the road longer. Many of these retailers (or resellers) have grown from mom-and-pop storefronts to successful online resellers, increasing their market penetration.


Brick-and-mortar retailers (or resellers) were the main source of parts for many years. Consumers would visit these establishments to buy components, and the process was time-consuming. Finding the right parts required searching through paper catalogs, asking store staff for advice, and often having to make multiple stops to find the right parts. Through new technologies online, access to detailed information about parts has significantly improved the buying process for consumers. 


Many retailers (or resellers) have adapted as consumers have shifted more and more of their purchases online. These retailers have invested in websites that are easy to use so consumers can search for components by year, make, model, engine and more. This has improved the efficiency and clarity of part fitment information, simplifying the shopping process.


Modern technology and data management solutions are streamlining the supply chain and revolutionizing the industry. Now, retailers can easily link with suppliers and are no longer burdened with having to manage massive amounts of product data. These improvements allow retailers and resellers to be much more agile. Now they can watch retail, wholesale prices, and inventory in real time. These leaps in capability allow them to do what they do best, sell more products.

Data Administration: Manually managing larger and larger catalogs of aftermarket and replacement components parts accurately and up to date is nearly impossible.

Pricing & Management of Inventory: Working with multiple vendors (Manufacturers and Wholesalers), countless parts, changing prices, MAP, and other policies makes it challenging to keep track of their cost and vendor inventory. 

Access to Data: Obtaining up-to-date supplier data from Data Warehouses, Manufacturers and Wholesalers is extremely time-consuming.

Website & Marketplaces: Creating and managing online product listings, particularly in Marketplaces, like eBay, is a daunting task, and again is nearly impossible.

Maintaining Market Advantage: Efficient operations and competitive pricing are mandatory to stay relevant in this market.

The Benefits of Being Online

Data warehouse

Increased Reach

An online presence allows you to reach a wider audience and take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise not be available. An online shop also allows you to serve consumers both locally and across the world. The broadening of this audience means there are more eyeballs on the products you sell, greatly expanding your clientele, market share, and revenue.

Streamlined Operations

Most brick-and-mortar retailers simply can’t match the capability of their automated competition due to the efficiency offered by our platform.

Here are primary benefits of moving operations online:

Data Administration: Our “Managed Catalog” makes handling enormous amounts of catalog data a breeze. We “Manage” product data automatically, so retailers (or resellers) and consumers have access to the most up to date product information.

Pricing & Management of Inventory: Real-time inventory and pricing make it possible to offer only in-stock products but update pricing on the fly in real time. These capabilities help reduce if not eliminate mistakes as the processes are completely automated.

Order Processing: Automating the order process also helps minimize human error and speed up the delivery process.

Improved Client Experience

Our online tools allow retailers and resellers to now provide a unique and intuitive shopping experience for consumers. 

Online stores streamline the shopping experience by providing buyers the following:

Convenience: In person visits are becoming a thing of the past. Consumers can easily see your entire product catalog, check then compare prices, and make purchases from anywhere.

Comparative Shopping: Consumers can make more educated decisions by comparing costs, specs, and availability.

Comprehensive Product Details: Retailers (or resellers) are now able to provide consumers with the critical information, product descriptions, photos, reviews and more they need to make the best product choice.

Reduced Costs

Retailers (or resellers) moving their operations online will result in considerable savings in several ways:

Overhead: The costs associated with running a physical business, such as rent, staffing, utilities, upkeep and more can be daunting. Operating costs can be reduced or eliminated regardless of whether a retailer plans to keep a physical location or operate solely online. The savings in this case comes from automating most aspects of operations.

Inventory Control: Physical inventory is costly and can be dramatically minimized by allowing retailers to leverage just-in-time inventory from their vendors.

The Mecka Availability
of Online Platforms

The decision to move online opens a new world of possibilities. The technology and tools we offer can be leveraged to accomplish what we describe above, and more. Mecka is the industry-leading springboard, helping retailers move operations online in a safe, straightforward, and cost-effective way.

Platform Centralization: Mecka offers a centralized product search engine that provides access to countless vendors and their catalogs. This streamlines the order process and makes using it simple to compare costs and availability.

Effective Data Administration: Mecka streamlines product data management by eliminating resource-intensive manual data entry. This centralized management guarantees your product listings are ALWAYS accurate in real time.

Computerized Listings: Mecka automates the process of listing products on a retailer’s front facing website and on marketplaces like eBay. So, stop wasting time on labor-intensive manual listings and focus on what you do best, sell products and service your customers.

Marketplace SEO: Mecka optimizes and expands your part listings. This function increases product exposure giving you the competitive advantage needed to generate more revenue.

The Future Business Operating System for Auto Parts Retailers & Resellers

Whether you’re new to this market or have a brick-and-mortar operation, moving to the Mecka platform will completely change the efficiency of how your business runs.

Find out more about how Mecka can equip your auto parts business to take advantage of our tools to grow your business like never before!

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