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Partsterr x Mecka Case Study

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Partsterr, an online-only auto parts business owned by Nick, has been operating for three years. Initially started as a side project, Nick faced significant challenges in the first two years with a broken third-party platform lacking live information and essential e-commerce tools.

Seeking alternatives, Nick discovered Mecka in December 2021 and was impressed by its potential. The introduction to Mecka was through thorough research, and a pivotal meeting with Mecka’s CRO,  Bill Penton, solidified Nick’s decision to switch platforms.

Experience with Mecka

The most significant hurdle for Partsterr was syncing live inventory and parts data while making real-time changes to customer-facing information. Mecka proved to be the perfect solution for Nick, who values analytics and data-driven approaches. The welcoming and informative nature of Bill and the Mecka team, along with the platform’s features, simplified Partsterr’s operations.


Nick expressed his satisfaction with Mecka’s customer success team, which played a crucial role in the decision-making process. The implementation process involved constant communication over email for the first year, with Mecka’s patient and supportive team assisting in overcoming the learning curve associated with adopting new technology. Scheduled meetings helped Nick and his team become comfortable with the platform, even for those who weren’t as tech-savvy.


Mecka’s features streamlined Partsterr’s business operations, particularly in the auto parts space where obtaining approval from brands to sell their parts is crucial. With Mecka, this process became seamless, as the platform already had the required data to integrate directly. Nick highlighted the benefits of working with suppliers, where live inventory updates ensured clean, reliable, and easy-to-use data.

Benefits and Outcomes

The impact of Mecka on Partsterr’s inventory management and sales processes has been transformative. Since joining Mecka, Partsterr experienced a remarkable 200% year-over-year increase in sales.

The platform’s capabilities in handling data and providing reliable information significantly contributed to this success.

Future Outlook

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Looking ahead, Nick envisions Mecka playing a crucial role in the future growth of Partsterr. He plans to expand his business’s presence on eBay and explore new marketplaces with ease. Utilising Mecka’s capabilities as a standalone website, Nick aims to tap into broader markets while benefiting from the platform’s robust features.


Nick strongly recommends Mecka to other businesses in the auto parts industry, emphasising its ability to provide both basic and advanced levels of service. For those looking to enter the space or take their business to the next level, Mecka stands out due to its unparalleled customer support and transformative impact on operations.


The collaboration between Partsterr and Mecka showcases the potential for technology to revolutionise businesses in the auto parts industry. Mecka’s comprehensive features, coupled with dedicated customer support, have empowered Partsterr to overcome challenges, achieve remarkable growth, and position itself for future success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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