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PPI x Mecka Case Study

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PPI, a well-established player in the auto parts industry with three locations in the Pittsburgh marketplace, has been serving customers for almost two decades. With a strong focus on wholesaler business, direct-to-installer transactions, and a touch of walk-in business and e-commerce for direct-to-consumer, PPI faced challenges akin to the evolving landscape of the grocery industry.


Before embracing Mecka, PPI had experienced a significant shift in their e-commerce strategy. They were an early adopter of seeing the value of selling auto parts online but experienced some challenges. A prior solution helped them achieve some success on platforms like eBay, but with the acquisition of the technology by a larger company, PPI found itself without a suitable software solution for a decade. 

Discovering Mecka

In 2019, a recommendation from Schultz Manufacturing, a trusted supplier, led PPI to explore Mecka as a potential solution. The appeal of Mecka lay in its ability to streamline parts management – a crucial aspect for an auto parts business. The ease of typing applications, part numbers, and vehicles into Mecka made it a standout choice.

Implementation and Integration

The implementation process with Mecka was seamless for PPI. The platform’s extensive data coverage and the ability to easily translate part numbers into ACES and PIES codes proved invaluable. PPI set up their vendors with Mecka, creating an efficient connection for seamless data transfer.


One of the significant advantages Mecka brought to PPI was its ability to automate the daily upload of inventory to eBay through an FTP site. This automation proved to be a game-changer, saving time and ensuring that their online presence was always up-to-date.

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Day-to-Day Operations with Mecka

With the successful implementation of Mecka, PPI hired dedicated personnel to manage their e-commerce operations. The Mecka features, especially the eBay solution, played a crucial role in their day-to-day activities. The platform’s affordability and low entry barriers allowed PPI to not only manage their existing inventory effectively but also expand its product lines.

Results and Success Stories

PPI witnessed immediate success upon integrating Mecka into its operations. Unique product lines, such as spark plugs, gained traction on eBay. Buoyed by this success, PPI expanded their product offerings, adding 8-10 lines and scaling its annual online sales from $50,000 to $300,000 in just four years.

Mecka's Impact on Challenges Faced By Auto Parts Retailers

Mecka provided PPI with the tools to overcome their previous challenges. The ability to customise listings and maintain control over inventory on eBay allowed PPI to navigate the e-commerce landscape with confidence.

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Future Outlook

Looking ahead, PPI envisions Mecka as a key player in their future growth. The focus is on adding more product lines to the platform, integrating with eBay, and potentially exploring additional e-commerce platforms. Challenges such as shipping are acknowledged, but the flexibility and scalability offered by Mecka are seen as opportunities for continued growth.


PPI enthusiastically recommends Mecka to other businesses in the auto parts industry. The platform’s affordability, ease of use, and the potential to tap into the global e-commerce market make it a valuable asset for any business looking to enter or expand in the e-commerce space.

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